Thursday, 18 September 2014

Homework Motivation & How to Organise a School Planner

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would be really lovely and give you guys some lovely homework advice, because we all hate it but have to do it. Also, I seem to be quite a nifty homework doer, which probably seems like a really weird thing to have in your bragging rights, but it also means that I am always on top of my homework and never have to spend all Sunday doing it.

Homework Motivation

I don't know whether it is just me, but I really like to know that I have done my homework and that I won't have heaps of it to do later, and for me that is enough motivation for me to do my homework. However, I do know that a lot people really do struggle to just get their heads down and do it.
Firstly, if you have study periods at school use them to study rather then socialise, you will find that this way you will have a lot less to do at home,  and it makes your time in school a little more worthwhile.
Secondly, set a time period in the evening to do your homework, for me that is 4:30-6:30pm, this gives me time to have a little chill when I get in the front door and then knuckle down and do some work for a good couple of hours afterwards.
Also, prioritise your homework... don't just do the easy bits first, do the bits that are due in first, first, so that way you can relax and know that everything will be done on time. This also gives you chance to find help if you cannot do it.
Reward yourself... perhaps after finishing all of your homework, have a chocolate bar or a packet of sweets. Know that it is okay to have a treat every now and again, especially if you know that it is going to motivate you to work harder.
When you are in your study space make sure that it is somewhere without distractions. For example, I find it easier to do my work on my dining table rather then the desk in my bedroom because there are less distractions there and I also have more space there. Also, if you have to do online research make sure you don't get distracted by other internet luxuries. This is why I find myself doing most of my research in the school library.

School Planner Organisation

My biggest tip is to make sure that you record absolutely every piece of homework you are given, or every piece of private study you are told to do.`This way you can ensure you didn't miss something, and you are getting all of the correct work done. Also, you should write down any important dates in your planner, such as exams and community projects.
I like to use colour in my planner to not only make it look cooler, but to also to make my planner easier to read. I will highlight the subject in yellow, and then highlight the due date in green when the work is completed. I also highlight any homework I do not understand in pink so that I remember to ask for help when I am at school.
I hope this post helps you become more organised and motivated to do you homework.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

School Evening Routine

Hello Everybody,
As I am hoping you would have all seen, last week I did a post on my School Morning Routine, so I thought that today, would be a good day for me to write about what I do when I get home from school also, in case some of you are either nosey and want to know what I do, or simply need help creating an evening routine yourself.
When I get home at about 4pm, I like to grab myself a quick snack, and check all of my social media accounts, and I occasionally watch a little bit of TV also. At about 4:30pm I then like to do my homework that I recieved on the day. Sometimes I will get too much to do for one night, but I like to do as much as possible until my dinner is ready so I can keep on top of it...
Then, clearly I eat my dinner, after packing away my school bag. Once I have finished my dinner I will then head upstairs and get out of whatever I have been wearing for the day, and if I have a club, such as swimming, hockey or explorers I will get ready for that.
If I do not have a club I will then give myself a bit of relaxing free time on my bed. I will either go on my laptop and watch Youtube videos, catch up with blogs, go on twitter or window shop. Go on my phone and spend hours on Weheartit or all of my social medias. Or even watch some TV... a few of my favourite TV programmes are Casualty, Holby City, X Factor, Virtually Famous or even My Mad Fat Diaries or Happy Valley when they are on.
At about 9:30pm if I haven't been out in the evening I like to try and turn off all of my electronics, although I will be honest and say I do find this fairly hard. I will then go for a shower, do my skincare routine and get ready for bed.
Once I am all cosy in my pajamas I like to snuggle up in my bed and read a book, and occasionally I will listen to a bit of music on Spotify... I am really liking the song Tee Shirt by Birdy at the moment, which believe it or not is another Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, but we all know that I loved the choice of music for that film. I will then try and turn my light out at about 10:30pm, after putting on some hand cream *that bit is important guys!*.
I hope you enjoyed my school evening routine and I will see you on Thursday I believe.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Monday, 15 September 2014

Healthy Diet Tips (not a recipe) #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
It's another #teenblogseries post today and I am writing a healthy recipe healthy diet tips blog post. Okay... so the proper theme was to do a healthy recipe, but I've decided to rebel and do something a tiny bit different, and write about my healthy diet tips. I'm hoping I can motivate you all to eat a little bit healthier, as I do like to think I eat healthily most of the time.
Source: Weheartit

Eat more Fruit and Veg!!

To be fair, we are probably all probably sick of hearing people telling us to eat more fruit and vegetables, but it really isn't hard to start getting into better fruit and veg eating habits. Switch out your packet of crisps in your lunch box with another piece of fruit, not only is it more nutritious, but it also gives you much more energy then a bag of crisps would.
Trust me... you don't have to have the boring old banana if you don't want to... there are plenty of different fruit to try from, and if you don't want to fork out on more exotic fruits, check the back of the supermarket for the rejects because they don't fit sizing standards. They might be cheaper, but they taste exactly the same.
Also, buy some dip for your vegetables. One of my favourite snacks is to have is a platter of vegetables (carrots, pepper and cucumber-yes I know it's a fruit) with a low fat hummus dip. Not only does it taste great but it is also super filling and will count for some of your 5 a day.

Drink more water!!

Okay... we all say it, but how many of us actually do it? How about you try new ways of drinking more water? For example, set certain times of the day that you drink a pint of water. Have one in the morning before leaving for school, drink a bottle whilst at school, have another when you get home from school and have another with your dinner. It is a quick and easy way of getting into a good habit, and also won't get in the way of your day, because you will probably only have to go for a wee in your breaks.

Use the Eatwell Plate as a guide.

As an AS Level Food Tech student of course I had to put the Eatwell plate somewhere in this post. It is the easiest guide you will ever have to use to ensure that not only you are eating healthily, but also for you to ensure your diet is balanced. Besides, for your diet to be healthy you need to ensure you are getting all of the right food inside you.
No! Believe it or not completely banishing carbs from your diet isn't healthy, you need to have some in your body to replenish energy. Just ensure you are eating the right type of carbs, for example, swap your white bread for whole grain, etc.
I hope this post helped you in some way, and that you begin to think about healthier food choices from now on, and if you would like to view some of my healthy food recipes, then you can find some here.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Skincare Sunday 1/4- Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub Review

Hello Everybody,
I am going to be doing a short Sunday series for 4 weeks, starting this week, reviewing a few new skincare products that I have picked up lately. I am not going to be doing a skincare routine in this series, however, I do have one coming up very, very soon.
Today I am going to be talking about the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub to kick start this series, as I mentioned it in my August Favourites and you guys have most probably been patiently waiting for me to write about it.


I actually really like the fact that this daily scrub comes in a tube type packaging, because I feel that whenever I buy one with a pump on it, although it looks handy, all of the product gets stuck down the sides and you end up wasting it all. Before I was using this I was using the Clearasil daily wash and I had to keep filling it with water and giving it a good ol' shake to get the product unstuck from the sides. I really do think that the fact this doesn't have a pump with it means I will have a lot less problem getting the product out.


Yes... stupid and pointless category for some, but for me smells are important. I have a sensitive nose and if I don't like the smell of something it won't be going anywhere near my nose.Thankfully, I like the smell of Pink Grapefruit, and it smells exactly as it states. With a few obvious soapy hues, but that doesn't bother me because it makes me smell clean, and I like clean.

Does it work?

I think it does, I mean... my skin hasn't been it's best lately, but it's improving now. I love how it has some microbeads in it, so it scrubs my skin well, and makes it feel nice and clean. But, I also feel like it has been controlling my breakouts, and believe me, when my skin breaks out, I mean it!


I'm pretty sure this product costs around £4.50, which for a daily scrub is actually sooo good, as usually I find myself spending a lot more on a facial cleaner. Not only that, but it can be bought in most drugstores and supermarkets, thus it really isn't too hard to get your hands on.

I hope you enjoyed this little skincare review, and I will be back with another Skincare Sunday next week, but for now. I'll see you tomorrow with another #teenblogseries post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 13 September 2014

3 things I couldn't live without!! #teenblogsunite

Hello Everybody,
Today I am writing my first post for a new blog series called  the #teenblogsunite series which I am getting involved in. Yep, I am getting involved in another series, but I like them... so... ha! Anyway, I have actually failed at the first hurdle and this is already being to be put up late, but that is because I was waiting for my new laptop battery to charge *fingers crossed this one is actually working so far* and therefore I had to wait to write this post.
Today's post is going to be about 3 things I couldn't live without, however rather then me saying the literal things like food, water, shelter, or the cliché things like friends, family and my blog. I am going to talk about actual objects that I would probably struggle to live without.


For me, I would be pretty stuffed without my glasses because I wouldn't be able to see much and my life would probably be a constant headache. Like seriously, I really get headaches so bad when I know I need new glasses. Anyway, my glasses are part of me, part of everything I have achieved, and in some ways I actually prefer wearing them to my contacts most of the time, purely because they are part of my identity and I can see better out of them.


Well... when I say my Laptop, I mean wifi as well. I need it for blogging, school, research, and all of the random questions that I need answering late at night. But it is also where I keep a lot of pictures and videos of the favourite memories in my life. Also, it's like my friend on lonely and boring days. I'm sure I'm not the only one that goes on my laptop all of the time when I am bored.


I'm an internet child. I need my phone, mobile data, twitter, youtube and everything that I get on it to keep me going, I'm sure I could live without it, but my life would probably be quite different. Plus, I couldn't keep in contact with my best friend as well as we do, as we no longer go to the same schools and I like to catch up with her via text, even if it is only once a week. She is my chummy after all.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Jica Nail Magic Review

Hello Everybody,
A few months I did a post about Jica Lash*, and at the same time I was also sent a product by Jica called Nail Magic*, which is a nail strengthener and conditioner. I was quite excited about this product, however I wouldn't necessarily say I have much trouble with my nail strength. The reason for this posts delay however, is because it takes a while for this product to work, therefore I didn't want to do a dishonest review and wanted to wait a while.


The product comes in a tinie tiny 7.4ml bottle which is packaged in another box, which is good because it keeps the little glass bottle secure on it's travels to your home. The little bottle the product is in itself is very slim and sleek, and I very much like that because it also means it is very portable. I also really like the purple colour scheme that the bottle has, as well as it's very professional looking branding. However, the brush was a little frayed and odd, which makes the product tricky to apply.

Doing it's job

I think that this product does it's job, however as a baker I haven't consistently been wearing it, as I'm not really meant to have things on my nails when cooking. I definitely see a difference when I do use this product however, particularly as I do have one nail that has a tendency to peel, and it does seem to be much better after use, however not completely better, but again that could be to do with my inconsistency of use.
The product actually instructs you to use it twice a week for 8 weeks and then once a week until the product runs out after. I've been a bit naughty and not followed these instructions *slaps wrist* whoops. The great thing about this product however, is that it can be used as a base and top coat, and therefore can be worn with actual nail colours. But it does stink terribly.


The Nail Magic* costs £10.45 which I do think personally think is a bit pricey for how much product you get. However, if you are somebody that has really damaged nails and wants to get them fixed with an affordable product, then I do recommend this.

I hope you enjoyed this review.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

School Morning Routine

Hello Everybody,
As most of us are back to school now *if you still go to school that is* I thought it would be the perfect time for me to talk you through my school morning routine, in the hope that I can help you guys become more organised and punctual on your school mornings. This is also perfect for me to post as I am one of those people who is all about organisation and routine and is rarely ever late to anything.
Firstly, I set my alarm for 6:45am, which is a reasonable time for me as I leave my house at 8:10am. I then get straight out of bed, this wakes me up and stops me from dozing back off to sleep. I then go straight to the bathroom and wash, I wash my face with a facial scrub and apply some moisturer. I also use an Eye roller, which really brightens my eyes and wakes me up. I don't shower in the morning because I honestly do not have time, so I do that in the evening.
I then get myself into my days clothes, which I like to choose the night before so I am not rushing around and I do not end up with outfits spread across all of my floor. After that I do my hair, which I tend to just do in a bun or ponytail, but if I am feeling extra adventurous I might do something more exciting like a plait or complex up do. I then do my makeup which I like to keep really minimal and basic for school.
Afterwards I head downstairs and grab some cereal and a glass of juice, which normally doesn't take me very long to eat. Once I have finished my breakfast I head upstairs and brush my teeth, because you've got to have fresh breath and sparkling teeth for school.
After this I like to check my bag and planner, double checking that I put all of my due in homework in my bag the night before. I also have a quick tidy of my bedroom and open my curtains and make my bed, whilst checking everything in my room is switched off.
I then head downstairs with my school bag, and pack my lunch and fill up my water bottle, and also grab a snack for my break time. I then put some shoes on and look on my phone and all of my social media accounts, until it is time to leave at 8:10am.
I hope you enjoyed my morning routine post and it helped you in some way.
EmilyBelleBlogs x